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Over-Plucked Brows Won't Grow Back? 2 Ways To Permanently Correct Them

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If you ever decided to pluck your eyebrows very thin, then you may have realized you made a drastic mistake when they never grew back. While some people can pluck their eyebrows to sample a thinner style temporarily, others pluck and their brows simply don't grow back in. This is especially common if the brows are over-plucked regularly for a long period of time.

If you have been filling in your eyebrows with pencils and powders daily, then it may be time for a more permanent solution to fuller brows:

1. Have Them Tattooed Back On

A permanent cosmetic procedure can help your brows look permanently fuller. Don't visit a traditional tattoo parlor, but instead find a salon that specializes in permanent cosmetics. You can then instruct the artist on how you would like your eyebrows to look, and he or she will use a cosmetic-grade tattoo gun and colored pigment to color in the area where your eyebrows used to be. 

While eyebrow tattoos can help your brows look fuller from a distance, pigmented skin can only mimic the look of a natural eyebrow so much. Up close, anyone will still be able to recognize that some areas of your brow are natural and some are pigmented skin. 

2. Opt for an Eyebrow Transplant

Obtaining an eyebrow transplant from a licensed cosmetic surgeon is the only way to truly get your fuller eyebrows back again. Although it may sound strange at first, hair transplants have been performed on many men and women losing the hair on their heads for years.

Eyebrow transplants are performed in a similar fashion to typical hair transplants, only instead of placing donor hair follicles back onto the head in different areas, the follicles are placed in the brow area. Donor follicles are typically taken from the back, under-section of your hair, and so few are needed to replace eyebrows that you won't even notice them missing from your head. 

You must work closely with your cosmetic surgeon to choose the exact shape and size eyebrows you want to have, because you don't want to have more hair implanted than you have to. Also, since the hair follicles you move to your eyebrows will still be "head" hair follicles, the hairs will need to be trimmed regularly, or they can grow to become as long as the hair on your head! 

Most people find regular trimming to be quick and easy, and that is the only small disadvantage of the procedure. 

If you over-plucked your eyebrows and they never grew back, then don't think you are stuck with your super-thin or even non-existent eyebrows forever. Try eyebrow tattoos or the more natural-looking eyebrow transplant to have fuller, stylish eyebrows once again. To learn more, contact a company like Hecht Aesthetic Center with any questions or concerns you have.