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3 Reasons You Should Replace Hormonal Birth Control With Natural Family Planning Methods

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There are many people across the country that are turning to more natural methods for numerous things, including heating their home and treating their colds. The same can be said for family planning. Why would someone want to replace their hormonal birth control with a natural method? Here are three of reasons:

1. You'll Reduce Your Risk of Losing Your Breasts.

According to the National Cancer Institute, you are at an increased risk of developing certain cancers if you take hormonal birth control, such as the pill. These cancers include breast, liver and cervical. In regards to breast cancer, one study showed that individuals who were on the birth control pill at the time of the research or had recently taken birth control pills were at a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer than individuals who had never taken the pill. Some research suggests that this may only be a certain birth control pill, known as a triphasic, though more exploration is necessary to validate these findings.

2. You'll Be Able to Benefit from an Invigorated Libido.

If you've been on the pill and you've noticed that you have a lower sex drive, it may be because of the birth control that you're taking. There is consistent research that suggests hormonal birth control is to blame for a woman's low libido. The reason for this is the hormonal contraception has the ability to lower the amount of testosterone that is circulating in a woman's blood, and testosterone is an important part of maintaining a woman's sex drive.

3. You'll Get to Save Some Hard-Earned Money.

There are many types of birth control that you can get on, from the pill to the patch, and all of these have different costs. Birth control pills and patches both can cost as much as $600 per year. Condoms typically cost up to $150 annually and a cervical cap reaches around $60 each year. The shot can cost as much as $460 per year and a vaginal ring costs up to $600 annually. But, fertility-awareness, which is a natural alternative to all of the aforementioned birth control methods, is 100 percent free.  

If you're looking to reduce your risk of breast cancer, get busier in the bedroom and save some serious cash, you may want to consider speaking to a family planning specialist regarding natural methods. Fertility-awareness can have many benefits, but this is true only if is done correctly. Therefore, it is crucial that you speak to an expert before going off of your current contraception and opting for a natural method.