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A Guide For Choosing A Rolling Walker

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Rolling walkers can provide a lot more mobility than a standard walker. They are often easier to use since they roll forward – there is no need to lift them up unless one is navigating a step. They also are generally equipped with more features, such as seats, that make them more useful. The following guide can help you choose the best rolling walker for your needs.

Choose a wheel amount

Rolling walkers come in three- and four-wheel varieties. The three-wheel type does not have the option for a seat, but is otherwise comparable to the four wheel variety. Choose this version if you need a lightweight walker, perhaps one you can fold and put away yourself after sitting in the car, that has a narrow profile for fitting in tighter spaces. Opt for the four-wheel variety if you need a seat or more stability.

Opt for full adjustability

Most rolling walkers allow you to adjust the handle height, which is a must to make sure you aren't hunching down over the device. It's also important that the seat can be adjusted up and down so it is easy for you to get into and out from. The more adjustable the walker, the more comfortable and safe it will be to use.

Look for caregiver features

If you sometimes need a little help getting around, opting for a walker that can also double as a bare bones wheelchair is helpful. These walkers have an additional handle on the back that allows someone to push you when you are seated on the walker. As an added bonus, this bar-style handle can also be used to loop storage bags over.

Check the brakes

Most rolling walkers are equipped with hand brakes. Make sure the brakes are set so that you can squeeze them easily, especially if arthritis or other conditions have weakened your hand muscles. The brakes are used to keep the walker from getting away from you as it rolls. They are locked to the on position when you are sitting in the walker or using it to support you as you stand up from a chair.

Choose your accessories

A four-wheel walker generally comes with a seat as standard. You can also opt to have an under-seat storage area on the walker. Other accessories include bags or baskets that attach to the support bars or handles, or a cup holder to make it easier to carry drinks. There are even smartphone holders available that you can attach to the walker. Contact a mobility aid specialist like one from Twin City Stair Lifts in your area to find the perfect rolling walker for your needs.