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Men Should Watch For These Symptoms Of High Candida Levels

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Having a high level of yeast is something that is often associated with women, but the reality is that men can also experience this health issue — which is also known as candida. While many women know the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection, as well as how to treat it with medication, men may not immediately realize that they're dealing with yeast-related symptoms. This could lead to them ignoring the issue or mistakenly trying to treat it, thinking it's something else. If you experience the following symptoms, it's a good idea to visit your health practitioner to get tested for candida.

Itchiness Around The Genitals

Men can experience itchiness around the genitals for a wide range of reasons, including a fungal infection similar to athlete's foot. However, the sensation you can experience in this region when you have high candida is a little different, in that the itch is severe. You may be uncomfortable to the point that you wish to soak in a few inches of cool water in the bathtub, or use anti-itch ointment or powder on the area. The itchiness can also extend backward to between your glutes. You'll also often notice that scratching the itch provides little relief and can further irritate the area and lead to discomfort.

Dietary Cravings

When your body is high in candida, it typically means that you've been consuming too many sugary products or even too much alcohol. The result can often be intense cravings for these products. For example, you may naturally have a "sweet tooth," but if you find that you're becoming obsessed with each chocolate or cookies, and that you're left unsatisfied even after enjoying a significant amount, it could be a sign that you have high candida that should be tested. The same goes for alcohol — even if you drink regularly, high candida can mean that you have an inexplicable and insatiable appetite for alcohol.

Mental Confusion

Another symptom of high candida that should prompt you to visit a medical professional for a test is that you're chronically feeling confused. The commonly used term for this condition is "brain fog." This can mean that you have trouble making decisions or deciphering complicated topics, and that you may also feel chronically tired. Even if you start to take naps in an attempt to quell this fatigue, the naps may seem to do little to make you feel more rested and alert. Click here to learn more about candida tests.