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5 Reasons People Have a Tattoo Removed

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Getting ink can be a rite of passage or a celebration of a special moment in life. A tattoo symbolizes forever, but some things just don't last. Here are five common reasons people have tattoos removed. 

To Forget Someone

Many people are swept away in a moment of passion and decide to get a loved one's name tattooed somewhere on their bodies only to one day regret that decision. Similarly, it's easy to be talked into getting a tattoo that represents a group of friends you thought you'd be with forever and then have those relationships fizzle after a few years and a burst of developing maturity. 

No one wants to carry around a reminder of a soul crushing experience. 

To Please Someone

What happens when you get a tattoo that means something to you only to fall in love with someone who finds it repulsive? Sometimes people find that keeping the ink just isn't worth giving up a potential relationship. 

A person with a tattoo might also begin to wonder if the tattoo is why it is hard to attract someone of the opposite sex. Perhaps the people you are trying to date are not people who appreciate tattoos. Having the ink removed will show you if your suspicion is correct. 

To Get a Job

Something tattooed on your arm or neck might have seemed great when you were 18 and working the fast food line but not so fantastic as you began to pursue a new career path. Many employers simply won't hire someone with a tattoo, and you have to get yours removed if you want to go into certain lines of work. 

To Change an Expression

What you loved in your youth is not necessarily what you love today. If your tattoo represents a favorite cartoon character, food item, band, or other passing fancy, the day may come when you are just no longer moved by that particular piece of art. 

To Make Room

Sometimes tattoos are removed not because they are a problem but because a person has only so much skin that can be decorated. Many people who love their ink find that they simply run out of room for that new design they crave. If you desperately want a new tattoo but don't have anywhere to put it, you'll have to figure out which of your old designs can go in order to make room for more. 

Tattoos can be terrific expressions of self, but people change over time. If you find yourself in one of the above predicaments, you'll be glad to know that permanent ink doesn't have to be so permanent after all. Talk to a laser tattoo removal professional about your options.