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Stair Lift Customizations And Options

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A stair lift can be a blessing for an elderly or disabled person who lives in a two-story house. A stair lift is a mechanical device for lifting people up and down stairs.  A stair lift can provide easy access to both floors of a house whenever needed. There are many ways that you can customize a stair lift for the mobility of the person who uses it. Here are some customization options that you can have included when you buy or rent a stair lift for your home:  

Stair Lift Seats:  You can choose a stair lift that has a customized seat that fits your needs and mobility. Stair lift seats can swivel or stay fixed in one position to allow for easy access to the seat or the landing. You can also get a stair lift with a seat and arm rests that fold up and out of the way when not being used. This is suitable for a stair lift that is installed on a narrow stairway or small corridor.

A stair lift can also be installed without a seat so that you can use it when standing up or leaning against a small ledge or perch. Some stair lifts can also accommodate a wheelchair or walker with a platform that can be folded up when not in use.  

Stair Lift Controls:  You have many options when it comes to controls on a stair lift. You can have control panels installed on the wall at the top and bottom of a stair lift so that it can be remotely operated. You can also have a control panel installed on the arm of the stair lift so that you can control the direction and speed of the lift when you are riding it.

A portable remote control is also available that you can carry with you when you wish to use the lift. If you have small children or pets in your family, you can have a master switch on the lift that will shut off its power and not allow anyone to operate it from other controls. 

Stair Lift Rails:  A stair lift may need to move completely off the stairway to provide you with a clear way to get on and off the lift. Stair lift rails can be installed that extend the ends of the rails when needed and retract the rails when not needed. This can make the stair lift smaller and more compact and clear the area around the stairway for other foot traffic and movement. 

Stair Lift Power Supply:  You can get a stair lift that is hard wired directly into the electrical current of your house. This allows your stair lift to have a constant source of energy. You can also get a stair lift with a rechargeable battery that fits into the lift. This allows the stair lift to continue to operate whenever you have a power outage. For the best of both worlds, you can get a stair lift that is hard wired and also has a backup battery. 

Inquire your stair lift dealer if they have a buy-back option when you no longer need your lift. In that way, you can make use of a stair lift when you need it and then make it available to someone else who can use it in their home.