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Receive Treatment For A Cluster Of Red Dots On Your Forehead

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An unexpected breakout can occur due to lifestyle changes, a chemical imbalance, or a food or skincare product allergy. If you notice a cluster of red dots along your forehead and the blemishes are causing your skin to itch, it may not be possible to be seen during an office visit for quite some time. Make an appointment with an online dermatologist to quickly receive a consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

Request To Speak With A Board Certified Dermatologist

An online consultation consists of speaking to a board-certified dermatologist via a video conference. You can choose to speak to a dermatologist solely through a headset, but you may not receive the proper diagnosis by doing so.

This is why it is important to be seen face to face. After filling out a patient profile through an online dermatologist's website, you will be contacted shortly via the internet. Add your insurance information, skin status, name, and vital details when completing your individual profile.

Make sure that you are readily available to speak with a dermatologist. Online dermatologist visits can often be conducted on the same day that clients contact an online practice. Even if you need to wait for a little while prior to your consultation, it will likely be for no longer than one day.

Tell The Dermatologist About Recurring Problems

The dermatologist will speak to you in a cordial manner and will ask you to discuss any past and current skin problems. If you are prone to breakouts or have dealt with skin issues on occasion, be open about each situation so that the dermatologist has a clear picture of your lifestyle and any triggers that may have contributed to the current breakout.

The dermatologist will also visually inspect your skin. They may ask you to stand in a well-lit room while gazing into your webcam so that the blemishes can be assessed. After determining what the problem is, you will be given some treatment instructions.

Your instructions may include washing your skin with a specific ointment or avoiding a specific food or product that could have resulted in the breakout.

If the itching is severe and you are inclined to scratch the affected skin, a topical ointment or oral medication could be prescribed to you. This prescription is a standard prescription that the dermatologist will call into your local pharmacy.

Follow the treatment plan as you have been advised, and schedule an appointment with your regular dermatologist so that they can examine your skin to ensure that there are no other issues.