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Post-Stroke Recovery Tips

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Having a stroke can be a scary thing, no matter what type you've had. It is a serious health concern that requires you to call for help right away if you think you're experiencing signs of a stroke. After you've been released by your physician, you will most likely be sent to a stroke recovery center for therapy. There are also things you can do on your own to help you as you go through your recovery.

Have A Caretaker In Place

No matter what type of stroke you've experienced, you may not be back to yourself 100% and are going to require help in one way or another. Be sure to have a caretaker to help you with everyday tasks including driving, opening objects for you, assisting you in the shower or to use the bathroom, or helping you cook and prepare meals. If you don't have someone to help you with this, you may need a nurse or other type of in-home care help. Be sure to have someone in place to help you before you are released by your physician.

Do Exercises At Home

When you begin treatment with the recovery center, you will be given exercises that you can do at home to help with your recovery. Don't skip doing these exercises. You are only going to hinder the recovery process and extend your recovery. The treatment you receive at the therapy clinic will help, but you still have to do work on your own as well. Don't attempt to do your own exercises that you've come up with on your own; only do what your therapist tells you to do. Doing any more than that may result in injury.

Strengthen Your Mind At Home

Stretches and exercises can help the body, but you also need to strengthen the mind as well. Help strengthen your mind by doing things such as playing games, putting together puzzles, and doing word searches and word puzzles. These can strengthen any person's mind, but it can be especially beneficial in someone that has had a stroke. You can do these things on the computer, or you can find books at your local drugstore or book store.

Watch For Stroke Signs

If you've had a stroke and are pushing your recovery too far, you could be lining yourself up for another stroke. Watch for signs of a stroke such as weakness, dizziness, confusion, loss of balance, slurred speech, or any drooping or numbness in the facial muscles. If you have any of these signs after your initial stroke, call for help immediately.

A stroke can be a scary thing. Your recovery after a stroke is going to require the help of a therapist, and it's also going to require your help as well. Seek professional help for your stroke recovery treatment for the best results.