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Information On The Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

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There are a lot of different skin care products out there that can help you to keep the skin on your face nice and clean, as well as free of blackheads, whiteheads, and toxins from environmental factors like pollutants, etc. However, you can use a carbonated bubble clay mask on your face that will not only do a good job of leaving your skin fresh and clean but that is also going to be a lot of fun for you to use. Here is some more information that you want to know about using this mask.

How You Use the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This mask is very easy for you to use, and in fact, the carbonated effect that it has even makes it a lot of fun to use. However, you will want to make sure that you use it exactly how you should, or you can end up wasting it. You should wash your hands before using the product, but don't wash your face first. In order to use the mask, you are going to want to use the scooper to scoop out the appropriate amount of clay mask and spread it evenly onto your dry face. Use your hands to rub the mask on as evenly as you can, quickly. It is going to start to bubble shortly after you put it on your face because it gets activated by the oils in your skin.

As soon as you can feel the bubbles on your face from the clay mask's carbonating effect, then you want to gently massage the mask on your face for a couple of minutes. This is going to help you to remove all possible dirt and toxins, as well as ensure that you get rid of as many blackheads as possible. Once you are done rubbing the mask gently into your skin for a couple of minutes, then you want to take warm water and remove the mask off of your face completely.

How You Are Going to Store the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Keep in mind that the clay mask has a carbonating effect that is activated by the oils on your skin. Once you realize this, then you will see how important it is to keep the inside of the jar as clean as you can and completely free of oils. After you have used to scoop that comes with the mask to scoop out the appropriate amount, set it to the side and do not put it back in the jar. Once you are done using the mask, take the scoop and clean it with soap, warm water, and a rag or sponge, then dry it. Do not touch the scoop with your fingers or hands at all. Put it back in the jar and close the jar up. You want to store it somewhere that is dark and cool, such as in a drawer.