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Lower Back Pain After A Football Injury: Why Physical Therapy Is Good For Relief

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Are you suffering from lower back pain because of an injury after playing football? You may find relief by visiting a physical therapist so the tension in your muscles can be released. In this article, you will learn how a therapist can use massage techniques for lower back pain relief and how much it should cost.

Why is Physical Therapy Good for Lower Back Pain Relief?

It is possible that your back pain was caused due to the muscles in your back tightening up while you were playing football. The muscles could have also become torn from getting tackled and landing on the ground the wrong way. Tightened muscles are painful because they often cause the tissues surrounding them to become inflamed, which causes muscles to spasm

A physical therapist like Peak Physical Therapy of Brooklyn will be able to massage the muscles to create more spasms that will release the tension in your back. The forced spasms from the massage are what make the technique useful, and you may feel a little pain as the tension is being released. The therapist will use his or her hands to massage the areas of your back where pain is present, but massage tools may be used as well.

It may be necessary for you to attend multiple sessions with a physical therapist before the pain will go away completely. Make sure you get permission from a doctor before undergoing therapy for you back pain, especially if you have had back surgery before. 

How Much will a Massage from a Physical Therapist Cost?

The cost for a back massage from a physical therapist will vary depending on where you go for the service. If you hire a physical therapist at a gym, you can expect to pay up to $90 per 60 minute massage session. Your total will depend on how many sessions are needed, but you can stop going when you feel like it. The tools used to carry out the massage will also factor into the price.

Going to a physical therapist for lower back pain is a good way to relieve it with the possibility of not having to undergo back surgery. You can also receive other services from the therapist that may help you be a better player on the field, such as arm and leg manipulation to relieve muscle tension. Hire a therapist to help you get your back pain in check so you can play football to the fullest!