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Vision Problems: How They Can Point To Signs Of An Underlying Health Condition

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Eye health is just as important as caring for other areas of the body, as problems with them can point to an underlying condition in need of medical attention. You must seek a prompt examination from an eye doctor when you are experiencing blurred vision to be diagnosed and treated.

Find out how your eyes can show signs of certain health conditions and how an eye doctor can treat problems with blurred vision.

How Can the Eyes Show Signs of an Underlying Health Condition?

If you have blurred vision and bleeding in one of your eyes, it can be a sign that you are suffering from high blood pressure. There is an invisible film between the conjunctivas and white of your eyes that contains small blood vessels. When one of the blood vessels breaks a small amount of blood can spread across your eyes. It is a sudden increase in blood pressure that causes the blood vessels to burst.

When you go to an eye doctor for a vision exam, he or she can also look for signs of the white of your eyes turning yellow. Eyes that are yellow can point to a health condition called hepatitis. If the eye doctor believes that you may have hepatitis, he or she may advise you to seek prompt attention from a physician about it. The condition affects the liver and can become fatal if left untreated.

How Can an Eye Doctor Treat Blurred Vision Problems?

During your eye examination, an eye doctor will look at the corneas and white of your eyes for imperfections. Blurred vision that is caused from high blood pressure will not go away completely until the condition is under control. However, an eye doctor will be able to give you temporary relief by prescribing eyeglasses. Your vision should be clearer with the glasses on, but will still be bad when you have them off.

You must take a Vision Acuity Assessment to determine how bad your vision problems are. The test is not hard and you will only have to stand in from of a chart and call out alphabets. The corneas of your eyes will be examined with a keratoscope. At the end of the examination an optical refractor machine will be used to find a lens that is good for making your vision clearer.

Take the prescription from your eye doctor to get your eyeglasses made by an optician. Don't forget to make an appointment with a physician if you possibly have underlying health problems! To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.