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Tips For Selecting A Breast Implant Size

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When you go for breast augmentation, there are numerous personal decisions to think about. One of the hardest decisions you have to make is the size and shape of the breast implant to get. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision in this regard.

Know What You Consider Good

The first step is to start checking out the types of breasts you would like. Get some magazines and look at different breast shapes and sizes. Focus on women of comparable height and body size, because the same size of breasts will look different on women of different builds. This will give you a basic/general idea of what you consider as good breast sizes before you can get down to the actual size measurements.

Consider Breast Features

It is not just the actual size of the breasts that matter. You also have to think about other related concepts such as projection, width, areola position, and size, among others. These factors will help to determine whether your augmented breasts come out in perfect symmetry or look more natural.

Use Sizers

There are sizers, usually made of silicon, which you can use to have an idea of what your augmented breasts will look like before actually getting them. Remember to carry tight bras for the sizing; that is the only way to get a realistic visualization of the expected end product.

Use a Computer Imaging Program

Your surgeon may also suggest the use of a computer imaging program to project how different breast sizes will look on you. The surgical team will take a photograph of you and load it into an imaging program. They will then generate different breast sizes and shapes on your torso, so you get to see how they will look like on your chest after the operation.

Don't Rely on Cup size

A very useful piece of advice is not to use cup size for your selection. Sure, you can use your desired cup size as a general guide, but you should not choose a size and expect to get a breast exactly like it. Cup sizes vary between bra manufacturers and styles. For example, a 34 cup size from one manufacturer may look right on you while the same size from another manufacturer looks small.

Let your surgeon help you with the process, but the ultimate decision should be yours. Don't forget that people have different perceptions of beauty. Therefore, what your surgeon considers beautiful on you may not actually be what you want. Contact a plastic surgery company like Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery for more information.