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Sensitivity In The Teeth

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If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, you most likely are looking for a remedy that works in keeping it from bothering you. Tooth sensitivity can be slightly painful and annoying. There are several methods you can try to help relieve the sensitivity issues you are having in your teeth.

Sensitivity Causes

People who suffer from tooth sensitivity have areas on their teeth where the top layer of enamel has been worn away. The layer underneath, the dentin, can cause sensitivity because it no longer has a protective barrier. The dentin is full of nerve endings, making it easy to cause a sensitive feeling when something touches the surface.

Avoiding Triggers

When you suffer from sensitivity, you will want to avoid things that cause the feeling. Hot and cold temperatures will aggravate dentin, so avoiding hot and cold foods will help keep the feeling from happening when you eat. Hot drinks such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate can have an affect on your teeth so they should be avoided.

Very cold outdoor temperatures can cause sensitivity when you walk through the air. Try keeping your mouth closed when you need to walk outdoors in the cold. Sugar and acidic foods are also triggers that should be avoided so you do not suffer from sensitivity.

Change Habits

Changing your brushing routine can help you keep the enamel you have remaining on your teeth from being worn away too quickly. If you usually brush your teeth with an up and down motion, change it to a side to side motion so different areas of enamel are being brushed. Switch the direction every few days so the enamel surface will not be rubbed away due to repetition.

Sensitivity Products

There are many sensitivity products on the market that can be tried to dull the sensation in your mouth. Toothpastes and sprays will help protect enamel while filling in the areas of dentin so that outside sources will not aggravate your teeth. Many of these need to be used for a few weeks before results are felt.

Dental Help

If you are not able to relieve sensitivity on your own, consider seeing your dentist for an evaluation. If enamel is worn away in large amounts, they may be able to put a protective coating of dentin sealer on your teeth to help relieve sensitivity issues. White fillings can be used if there are only a few spots with sensitivity issues.

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