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Veteran Health Options May Require Supplemental Support

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Whether you're working through a claim with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, already covered by Veterans Affairs (VA) compensation or appealing a denial, you may need more than the VA's clinic support. For many veterans unable to find work or unable to work due to injuries, there aren't many affordable options to tide you over until a VA decision is reached. A few concepts of VA support, claims filing and Medicare supplement plan options can help you understand your healthcare situation and move to a more comfortable form of coverage.

What Does VA Healthcare Cover?

If you're applying for compensation under the VA, know that you don't have to wait without any support at all. During your compensation and pension (C&P) examination phase, you can apply for VA health benefits that will allow you to receive affordable or no-cost care at any VA clinic or hospital. If there is no local VA care facility in your area, the VA can even approve specific third party care as long as you contact them ahead of time.

There are a few different qualifications for VA health benefits that may vary depending on your veteran status. Veterans who were discharged with an honorable discharge, an other-than-honorable (medical) discharge or veterans given special waiver status will receive a card detailing their qualifications.

It's important to know that all of these services come with conditions that may be confusing. This is because the program changes quite often, either through new political policy or changes in funding that seem to change the system on a yearly basis. If in doubt, make sure to call the VA health service hotline to confirm your service and permissions.

How Can A Medicare Supplement Plan Help?

The VA disability process can be long, and many veterans who are still waiting for a decision may be able to qualify for Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare may not be enough for some medical procedures or continuing care.

A Medicare supplement plan can help veterans who can't afford the co-payments or deductibles associated with certain medications or medical visits. For veterans who are unable to make it to a VA health facility and haven't been approved for third party care, this may be the only option when income or emergencies make it hard to use other types of health insurance.

Veterans in such situations have a lot of complicated conditions that are understandably confusing. To plan your Medicare supplement plan, transition and prepare for treatment, contact a Medicare supplement professional.

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