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3 Great Allergy Fighting Tips

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Depending on the severity of your allergies, it can sometimes be difficult to even step outside sometimes. Because of this, you need to find some ways to keep your allergies under control throughout the year. Outside of purchasing prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, many people don't really know the best ways to beat their allergies. Read along with this guide to give yourself an advantage this spring. 

#1: Tweak Your Home To Do Away With Allergens

While you will deal with pollen and allergens outside, it is vitally important to control what you can by keeping your home allergen free. This means frequent and routine sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, and washing your clothes so that allergens are not hanging around and giving you problems. Using a HEPA filter will help you to create a barrier between your breathing air and the allergens that can affect you. Also, make sure that the filter you use for your heater has MERV ratings of at least 11, in order to cut down on allergens. These filters should be changed frequently, especially just before the spring months. 

#2: Rinse Out Your Nasal Passages

Decongestant medicine has its place, but you should also clean out your nasal passages manually. Stop by your local drug store and purchase a nasal rinsing pot. To use this pot, you include a mixture of distilled water and saline packets, then pour the solution into a nostril, allowing the water to drain out of the other nostril. Not only does this rinse out allergens that may be trapped inside of your nasal passages, the saline solution cleans your passages and eases swelling and inflammation that causes you to be congested. You can rinse out your nasal passages as frequently as you need to, in order to keep your allergies at bay. 

#3: Use Some Natural Remedies

If you are averse to using medicines, or just want to compile some great natural ways to fight your allergies, compile a list of natural remedies. Some substances that are known to treat allergies include honey, bee pollen, butterbur, apple cider vinegar and garlic. By taking advantage of these home remedies, you'll be in a good position to control your allergies in a way that is natural. 

Use these three tips, so that you are able to keep your allergies at bay and improve upon your overall quality of life. For more tips, contact a company like Oak Brook Allergists.