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Ideas For Keeping Loved Ones In Wheelchairs Active

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Just because a person is in a wheelchair doesn't mean that they have to limit their activities as much as some may think. It doesn't mean no longer being active and just spending life sitting and doing more passive activities. In fact, exercise can help people in wheelchairs stay healthy and maintain their muscle mass. Many people have come up with ways to modify both wheelchairs and the way certain activities are done to make more active pursuits achievable even for people with major mobility issues, such as quadriplegics.

By either modifying the activity or using a specially adapted wheelchair, it's possible to play golf, basketball, football, soccer or rugby while in a wheelchair. People in wheelchairs can still dance, fence, snowmobile, scuba dive, sky dive, kayak, parasail or participate in tai chi chuan or yoga. Modifications also make it possible for people with mobility issues to go off-roading, experience downhill mountain biking or skateboard. Wheelchair-bound individuals can even go rock climbing, study martial arts or go wheelchair mushing. If you'd like to get your loved one started with a little activity that isn't quite so strenuous, there's always bowling, table tennis or shooting pool.

Being in a wheelchair can make travelling more difficult, as you need to find places that are accessible and prepared to deal with any other issues that exist due to your loved one's health problems. However, there are a number of companies that can help you bring a wheelchair-bound person on any type of vacation you may envision, including adventure travel options. The two of you can go hunting in Alaska, fishing in the ocean, sailing in California or learn to fly in New Jersey. Take eco tours of Africa, South America or Asia. Working through a travel agent that specializes in these types of trips can make the planning easy, especially if you choose a trip that is all-inclusive so you don't have to worry about arranging all of the details separately.

People in wheelchairs may be able to continue doing most, if not all, of the activities they enjoyed before their injuries. Of course, not all activities may be available in your area, but a little research will help you figure out what active pursuits are possible where you live or how to arrange vacations to do those that aren't possible in your area. This could be an opportunity for your loved one to learn a new sport and get a new start if there isn't a wheelchair team in your area for the sport they used to play. Have them try out some new activities and they may just find a new favorite pastime. 

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