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Tips For Quick Transitions When Going To Physical Therapy On Your Lunch Hour

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If you accidentally injure yourself, chances are good that you are going to have your doctor recommend physical therapy to you. This can be frustrating because you might not feel that you have the time to go to physical therapy. You might work demanding hours that don't leave energy for physical therapy or physical therapists in your area might not be open late. One way to make sure that you go and recover from your injury without having to change your work schedule is to go to physical therapy during your lunch hour.

In order to do this, you are going to need to do some planning. You need to make sure that the physical therapist is close enough to get there, have a full session, and then come back. You are also going to need to ensure that you can make the transition from the office to physical therapy and back again as quickly as possible. Here are some tips for making that happen.

1. Keep Your Clothes in Your Car or Take Them to Work With You

First, you are going to need to keep the clothes that you wear to physical therapy close so that you can make a quick change. You are likely going to need to wear loose-fitting clothes in order to do all of the moves correctly, clothes that are not appropriate office-wear. If you drive to work and to physical therapy, make sure that you have your clothes in your car so that you can change there. Have on an undershirt that you can wear to both physical therapy and the office to avoid flashing anyone and change your pants when you get inside the physical therapist's office.

If you take public transportation to the physical therapist's office, you are going to need to choose to change in the office bathroom or locker room, or at the physical therapist's location. You can speed up this transition by at least tying any long hair back while riding the bus.

2. Cool Yourself Down Quickly

You don't want to come into work all hot and sweaty because that is going to be uncomfortable for you and might cause problems at work. To cool yourself down quickly after physical therapy, you can try chewing mint gum. You can also try to cool down your pulse points, which have a lot of control over the temperature of the rest of your body. These points can be found on your wrists and on your neck. Basically, anywhere where you can check a pulse, you need to cool down by splashing water on it. Finally, sit in your car or outside the office for an extra minute or two to let your heart rate return to normal and for your internal body temperature to cool if you are still worked up over what you exerted in physical therapy.

3. Wear Waterproof Makeup

Finally, invest in heavily waterproof makeup that won't run even if you sweat a little it. This will save you the time of having to redo your makeup before going back into the office. This might make the makeup pricier, but you can switch back to your usual brands when you are done with physical therapy.

For more information, talk to your physical therapist like one from Coastal Orthopaedic.