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3 Things To Expect During Your First Visit With An Obstetrician

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If you've recently taken a pregnancy test and had positive results, it's important that you take the next step and see a local obstetrician. An obstetrician is an expert in pregnancy care and someone who can deliver your baby when the time comes. Taking the time to see a medical expert about your pregnancy will help you get all of your questions answered and ensure you and your baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy. Here are the three most important things to expect during your first visit with an obstetrician:

The Timeline of Your Pregnancy Will Be Determined

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests can be fairly accurate as far as determining whether or not you're pregnant, but your obstetrician will verify for sure that you are pregnant. False positives from pregnancy tests do happen. Not only will you get an absolute determination that you are pregnant during your first appointment, your doctor will be able to tell you exactly how long you've been pregnant for. This will allow your doctor to determine a due date. It's not uncommon for women to find out they are further along than they realized, and this may make it possible for the doctor to listen to the baby's heartbeat.

Health Concerns Can Be Discovered and Addressed Immediately

Another important part of the first visit with an obstetrician is the physical examination. The doctor will give you a complete physical exam to ensure everything looks normal with your reproductive system. He or she will also typically require blood tests and urine analysis tests. From these tests, the doctor can get feedback within a day or two about your physical condition and how the pregnancy might be affecting your body. Antigens in the blood and certain protein levels in your urine could indicate serious conditions that may affect your health or the baby. Your results will determine how you will be monitored and tested throughout the pregnancy and whether or not you need to see an internist for more serious analysis.

Diet and Exercise Education Will Be Provided

In addition to examining your health, your obstetrician can address nutritional needs for your pregnancy. In most cases, your doctor will recommend dietary supplements, including prenatal vitamins that will help you maintain optimal health for you and your baby. He or she will also advise you on exercise regiments that will be safe for you to do while you are pregnant. The exercise program recommended by an obstetrician is usually based on what type of shape you are in and how rigorously you exercised before you were pregnant.

By seeing a doctor right away, you can educate yourself on what to expect during pregnancy. Knowing the correct timeline of when your baby is due will allow you to plan for the future. More importantly, seeing a doctor will allow you to get the medical analysis you need to remain healthy and to help your baby be healthy during the entire pregnancy. It's important to make seeing an obstetrician a priority as soon as you learn you are pregnant. For more information, contact a local clinic like Bee Ridge Obstetrics Gynecology