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Eye Problems And Computers: How Can Your Computer Screen Damage Your Eyes?

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If your eyes become tired, fatigued and irritated whenever you spend long hours working on a computer screen, you may have digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome. Digital eye strain occurs when people work on computers from long periods of time without taking breaks. Without treatment, digital eye strain can lead to permanent impairment of the eyes because of how it develops and affects them. In some cases, computer vision syndrome may be a symptom of another eye condition, or it may be the cause of other eye conditions. Here's how your computer affects your eyes and how an eye doctor can help you overcome it.

How Can Working on a Computer Cause Vision Problems?

Digital eye strain can develop from a number of things, including viewing a computer screen with harsh lighting. The glaring light from your computer screen may force you to squint and strain your eyes in order to focus while you work. The muscles around your eyes may become fatigued or weakened from the straining. 

In addition, eye fatigue may keep you from blinking your eyes in a normal pattern. For example, instead of blinking your eyes 18 times per minute, you may only blink them 9 or 10 times. The lack of blinking keeps your eyes from producing the fluids that lubricate them. Your eyes become dry, itchy and irritated as a result.

It's a good idea that you see an eye doctor immediately to avoid permanently damaging your vision.

Can an Eye Doctor Treat Your Vision Problems?

An eye specialist may perform a comprehensive exam on your eyes to help diagnose you correctly. The exam allows an eye doctor to rule out underlying vision impairments and diseases, such as glaucoma and astigmatism, that create the same or similar symptoms as computer eye strain. In some cases, dry eyes and other computer-related vision problems may become more troublesome or prevalent because you have an underlying eye condition. 

After a doctor diagnoses you with digital eye strain, they generally prescribe bifocals or another type of eyewear that improves your vision and symptoms. An eye specialist may suggest that you use optical medications that encourage your tear ducts to produce additional fluids when you blink. Keep in mind that if you have an underlying eye condition as well as computer eye strain, you may require additional treatments to improve your vision.

For more information about digital eye strain and its symptoms, contact an eye specialist in your area today. Check out websites like to get started.