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Child Got Hurt While Playing Outside This Summer? An Urgent Care Facility May Be The Best Choice

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It might be fun to have your kids home for the summer, but one thing that you might have to worry about is them getting hurt while they are playing outside. If your child has fallen and gotten hurt, such as by taking a tumble off of a bicycle, you might be looking to seek medical attention. Depending on the situation, an urgent care facility might be the right choice. These are a few reasons to consider taking your child to an urgent care center rather than to the emergency room.

1. Faster Service

In the emergency room, doctors, nurses and other staff members are trained to assess each patient's condition and stagger out their care based on how serious the problem is. Even though your child might feel like a sprained ankle or a broken arm is one of the most serious things in the world, and even though you might hate seeing your child in that type of pain, the truth is that the emergency room might not prioritize this type of injury if there are other emergencies going on. At an urgent care facility, however, your child may be able to get care more quickly, since patients with more serious emergencies might be sent to the emergency room. This means that your child might get faster care at an urgent care center than at the local hospital.

2. Cut Costs

Even though you are probably more than willing to pay whatever you have to for your child's essential medical care, you may not want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for the care for a simple accident. Emergency rooms can be costly, while urgent care centers are often focused on providing more affordable pricing. You may be able to save a little bit (or even a lot) of money by choosing urgent care for your child's care, all while ensuring that your son or daughter is getting the care that he or she needs.

3. Handle Everything at Once

For many outdoor boo-boos, kids may need X-rays or other further treatments. Many emergency room doctors give their patients referrals to go to a specialist for this type of care, while urgent care facilities often handle this type of thing on-site. By taking your child to an urgent care facility, you may be able to have everything done at one place and at one time. Then, it won't be as long before your child can get back outside and can resume playing, and you won't have to worry about scheduling multiple appointments that might get in the way of the rest of your schedule.

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