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Ways To Protect Your Eyes If You Have Diabetes

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Diabetes is a health condition that can be hard to control and can affect many parts of your body. One part of your body commonly affected by diabetes is your eyes. If you have diabetes, you will be more prone to developing eye problems; however, you might be able to prevent damage to your eyes by taking the right steps. Here are several things you should know about diabetes, the eye problems it can lead to, and ways to prevent these things from happening.

Eye Problems You May Experience

Diabetes is a disease that can have major effects on your eyes. It can lead to developing cataracts and glaucoma, and it may also lead to diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. All of these conditions can lead to decreased vision, but they can also lead to blindness if not addressed properly and quickly. Fortunately, you can protect your eyes from these things, but you will need to take this very seriously if you want to avoid developing eye problems.

Ways You Can Prevent Eye Problems

One of the main reasons people with diabetes develop eye problems is from uncontrolled blood-glucose levels. When a person's blood-glucose levels are not maintained properly, it can cause changes to all parts of the eyes. Because of this, the number one way to prevent eye problems is by keeping your blood-glucose levels regulated. This means that you should monitor your blood-glucose levels daily and take the necessary steps to make sure you keep your levels even and within the recommended guidelines.

A second important step to take is visiting an eye doctor each year for a comprehensive examination. This is important because the eye doctor will have the ability to locate any minor problems as soon as they are beginning to form. Correcting minor problems with the eyes is much easier to do than to correct major problems.

Finally, you should take time to exercise daily. Exercising is a great way to stay healthy, and it can help you control your blood pressure, which can also cause eye problems if it is too high.

Suffering from eye problems is common for people who have diabetes, but this does not mean you should let your diabetes affect your eyesight. To learn more about diabetic eye care and treatment, click for more info or contact an eye doctor today to schedule an appointment to have a comprehensive eye exam completed.