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Why Eye Surgery Could Be A Better Long Term Solution Than Glasses And Contacts

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There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are reliant on glasses or contacts to operate in your day-to-day life. Still, the benefits of glasses and contacts far outweigh the negatives, and most people grow accustomed to the feeling of them when given long enough. However, with advances in medical technology and in particular, eye surgery, that may not be the case forever. There are many eye surgeons now that can perform specific operations aimed at increasing your vision and reducing your reliance on glasses, if not eliminating it altogether. Here is why surgery could be a better long-term solution than glasses and contacts.

One And Done

Many types of eye surgery, such as LASIK, only need to be performed once throughout the lifetime of the patient. While LASIK doesn't guarantee your eyesight will be fixed back to perfect 20/20 vision, it will definitely improve your vision so that you do not need to wear glasses all the time. For many people just the freedom of not having to wear glasses when on a night out or while driving is very liberating. Considering the surgery only needs to be done once and is quite easy to recover from, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Reduce Deteriorating Eyesight

Glasses and contacts are great for allowing you to see with impaired vision but they do not provide any sort of cure or prevention against further deterioration of vision. To do that you will need to talk to eye surgeons about reducing the impact of your deteriorating eyesight. This can be anything from removing slight cataracts to the aforementioned LASIK to a litany of other surgical options that address specific problems with different parts of the eye, from the cornea to the nerves at the very back. If you don't necessarily want perfect vision back but you just want to be able to keep your current eyesight steady then surgery is often the only option.

Extremely Safe

Many people hear the word surgery and are immediately not interested. The truth is, out of all the surgeries there are, eye surgery is one of the safest. Not only are there incredibly precise tools that are used, such as in laser eye surgery, but there is also a very low risk to your health because the eye is not connected to any major blood supply or immediately next to vital organs that could be affected. While the brain is close, of course, the skull provides a very thick barrier when you compare this to surgery on other organs that are all cramped next to each other. Eye surgeons are very skilled at what they do and the risk is minimal, even on older patients. Contact an eye surgeon for more information.