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Testosterone Replacement Options for Scatterbrained People

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Would you consider yourself scatterbrained? If so, you might have concerns about starting an intensive medication, such as testosterone replacement. After all, these medications need to be used on a regular schedule in order to be most effective. If you forget a dose or often forget doses, they may not work well and they may cause side effects. But being scatterbrained is not a great reason to avoid testosterone replacement if your doctor thinks it may be a wise choice for you. Instead, you'll just want to pick one of the following testosterone replacement options that tend to work well for scatterbrained people.

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets are not pills that you swallow. Rather, they are tiny little pellets of testosterone that can be inserted beneath your skin and left in place for several months at a time. They release a little testosterone at a time, so your blood levels of testosterone remain relatively level, day in and day out. Since you only need to make an appointment every few months, testosterone pellets are a great choice for most scatterbrained people. There's nothing you have to do on a daily or even weekly basis. If you find that you're not getting the results you desire, you can visit your doctor, who can adjust your dose by adding another pellet or two.

Testosterone Patches

Some patients are a bit put off by the idea of having a pellet inserted beneath their skin. If you're in this boat, then a testosterone replacement patch may be a good choice for you. These patches can be placed on your skin and left in place for 24 hours. They release testosterone that is slowly absorbed through your skin.

You do have to remember to change the patch every day, but there is a few hours' leeway as to when you change it. If you normally change it at 8:00 pm, for instance, but sometimes you forget and don't change it until 10:00 pm, everything will be okay. The presence of the patch is also a good reminder to change it, too. If you put it on your thigh or stomach, you'll see it every time you use the bathroom, which is helpful when you're scatterbrained.

If you're scatterbrained, taking a testosterone pill or shot several times a day may be hard. However, using testosterone pellets or patches is easier and makes testosterone replacement more feasible for people like you.

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