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Take Your Child To The Emergency Room After These Sports Injuries

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No parent wants to see their child get hurt while playing sports, but it's important to know how to proceed if your child is injured in a game. While they might receive some initial care from the team's trainer or a parent volunteer, it's often common to require professional attention. The big decision that you'll need to make is whether you should take your child to a local emergency room, an urgent care clinic, or schedule a doctor's appointment in the coming days. If one of these injuries has occurred, you'll want to ensure that your child receives care at an emergency room.


Concussions can occur in virtually every sport, but they are especially possible in contact sports such as ice hockey and football. There are many warning signs that your child has sustained a concussion. They might be uneasy while standing, lack coordination, and feel nauseous. They may also complain of having blurred vision or a very bad headache. You'll want to visit your local emergency room so that a physician can not only diagnose the condition, but also arrange for your child to have a CT scan to confirm that a more serious head injury hasn't taken place.

Serious Cut

While some urgent care centers can treat minor cuts, it's often necessary to seek care at an emergency room when a cut is serious. A child can suffer a cut in a few different sports, but an accident involving a skate blade while playing ice hockey has the potential to be very serious. There are some indicators that a cut is serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit. For example, if you cannot stop the bleeding or the cut is deep enough to visibly expose bone, your best bet will likely be to travel to the emergency room right away.

Serious Broken Bones

Urgent care centers can deal with minor broken bones, such as a broken finger that has occurred during a game of basketball. If your child has suffered more of a serious break, however, it's best to visit the emergency room. You can often tell if the break is overly serious by how the area looks. A compound fracture, in which the bone breaks through the skin, will generally require care at an emergency room instead of an urgent care clinic. Don't hesitate to rush your child to the local emergency room if they've suffered one of these serious injuries.

For more information, contact an emergency care center near you.