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4 Signs You Need Podiatry Care

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Do you need to see a podiatry specialist? This is a specialist who can help you with your feet, and potentially your ankles as well. Unless your insurance requires it, you don't even need a referral to go to a podiatrist.

Here are four signs you need podiatry care. If you end up needing this specialized care, you can get peace of mind when you receive services that will be beneficial to you for years to come.

Your toes hurt

Toe pain can be a common issue with your feet if you need podiatry assistance. You may not even have an actual issue with your toes, but rather, a problem with your feet that causes your toes to hurt. A high or low arch, for example, can cause pain in your toes and the balls of your feet.

Or, you may have crooked, hammer, or mallet toes, all of which can cause toe pain and lead you to need assistance from a podiatrist. Podiatry care can be very beneficial to you in helping you get the most out of your feet and if your toes hurt, you can do something about it by getting X-rays done.

Your feet stink

You may have stinky feet due to a sweating issue, but the biggest culprit is often bacteria or fungus causing stinky feet. Untreated or worsening rashes and athlete's foot, for example, can cause your feet to stink. Your podiatry specialist can assist you in this area.

Your toenails are crumbling

A foot fungus can cause you to have crumbling toenails and can also cause them to peel and crack. Your toenails will only get worse without treatment and only your podiatry specialist can help get rid of the fungus — although over-the-counter meds may help.

Your heels are hurting

If your heels hurt you may have a heel spur or an issue with your ankles without realizing it. Your feet will feel better when you take care of your feet. You may need special shoe inserts or need to wear a brace for a while. If you have been injured, then you may need surgery or a type of rehabilitation process to help you feel better again.

Your feet are important to you and if you need podiatry services, you want to be at your best. Your podiatry specialist will help you in getting the best care possible so you can feel better even if you are on your feet all day.

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