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Lower Back Pain After A Football Injury: Why Physical Therapy Is Good For Relief

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Are you suffering from lower back pain because of an injury after playing football? You may find relief by visiting a physical therapist so the tension in your muscles can be released. In this article, you will learn how a therapist can use massage techniques for lower back pain relief and how much it should cost. Why is Physical Therapy Good for Lower Back Pain Relief? It is possible that your back pain was caused due to the muscles in your back tightening up while you were playing football. Read More»

Possible Causes Of Congenital Heart Defect That You Can Control During Pregnancy

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For many children with a congenital heart defect (CHD), doctors do not know the causes of the condition. In some cases, however, physicians have managed to link CHD to several causes including inherited health conditions. Some of these are things you may not have any control over, but others are things you can control. Examples of possible causes of CHD that a prospective mother can control include: Medicines Some, but not all, medicines seem to increase your chances of giving birth to a baby with a malfunctioning heart. Read More»

The Non Physical Benefits Of Dancing

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When people talk about the therapeutic aspects of dancing, they mostly stress the physical benefits. It is true that dancing is a good way of exercising, but that that isn’t the only thing you will gain when you start dancing. Other benefits include: Boost Your Mood Dancing is one of the best ways to boost your moods. According to Psychology Today, dancing induces the body to release the neurotransmitters norepinerphrine and serotonin. Read More»